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Cruisin' down the trails of life; listenin' to my tunes

What warm-blooded vehicle owner would be content with a factory sound system that distorts when cranked up? No, not even I. The painful warbles of my stock radio & speakers embarassed me when I adjusted the volume up, while my friends sat along for the ride. So what did I do to remedy this painful noise?

You guessed right, Jimbob. I replaced everything audio-related, and installed new components at a very reasonable price. I yanked out my crusty old deck and trashed it for good. The head unit was replaced with a nice new cd-deck known as the LAS VEGAS by Blaupunkt, along with its companion, a 10 pack CD changer. A wireless remote control unit known as the "Thummer" , offered by Blaupunkt, rests nicely on the steering wheel. The music sources could now be controlled without having to lift my hands off the wheel, which is great during those tough trail manuevers.

All of the signals travel through Monster Cables into a nice new amplifer. This creature just happens to be the new Rockford Fosgate. It's a five channel amplifier, with 3 built in crossover cards with selectable frequencies. The puppy in question is the nice new looker, known as the RF 5.3X From this howler comes some serious power. All the signals are sent to the appropriate channels. Who makes these you ask?

This Rockford Fosgate 5.3X is spec'd at 4x30 and 1x110 RMS, but take my word for it, RF under-rated it. The amp puts out more in the range of 50x4 and 1x165 RMS! I haven't had any problems with this sweet soundin' amp yet! The reputation is still there for RF.

The components that receive the signals from the amp are from Blaupunkt. I installed a set of Pc 6.5" separates in custom built kickpods up front, and crossed them over at 100Hz and up.(Using the RF 5.3x built in x-cards.)
Next, the second pair of signals go to a pair of AURA BASS-SHAKERS, mounted up front underneath the two passenger seats. These receive signals at 100Hz and below, and let's just say, these keep me rockin' while I've got the top dropped!

For anyone who has a convertible, these AURAS are great, you still get to feel the bass! Last but not least, I've got a dedicated mono channel from the RF 5.3x, sending a signal from 100Hz and down, into a 10" Blaupunkt Dual Voice Coil VELOCITY sub, and it's mounted in less than a cubic-foot of airspace.

The sub, the amp, and the cd-changer are all custom installed in the rear of the vehicle. It is sealed & protected by some Medium-Density-Fiberboard(MDF), and upholstered in matching purple marine vinyl.

To protect my investment, I've installed the Ungo MS9000 into my ride. The Sidekicks horn is hooked up to the Ungo, along with the alarms siren. It's equipped with two 125 dB pain generators up front in the dash, and I've got a back-up battery siren from Crimestopper; in case someone tries to cut the primary power source. Before any thug can even get that far, I've got a dual-zone proximity sensor plugged into the alarm, ready to warn away potential trouble.

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