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Now then, where to begin...... My Sidekick is a 1990 model that came in canary yellow. The trim level is middle ground, meaning it is a JX model. It is at the moment just a soft-top version, equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission, and of course, part-time 4 wheel drive capabilities.

I've done a few minor upgrades to the performance of my mini-suv. I replaced the factory airbox and ducts, with a K&N air filter as well as a custom built air intake. The spark plugs have also been chucked in favour of some NGK PLATINUM TIP spark plugs with NGK spark plug wires.

I noticed a little bit of improvement in the pickup department, but I still wasn't satisfied with it just yet. The next logical step was to replace the original exhaust system. I installed a custom-built 3" cat- back, stainless-steel free flowing exhaust. The performance muffler came from DYNOMAX, and has a lifetime guarantee. With the installed exhuast system, I could hear a deep, throaty note emitting from the back of the suv. Now we can talk about some jump in the 1.6L sohc engine.

My next step was to get rid of the freaky looking stock steel wheels, with the tiny mounted rubber on them. I got a great looking set of aluminum billet rims from SEC.

The size of the rims were 15x8's, and I got some 215/75/15 YOKOHAMA SUPER DIGGER IV's mounted onto them. Now, I wasn't too worried about the so called tip over chances, nor was I worried about the stability on highways any more.

This Sidekick could whip around corners a hell of a lot faster. My confidence level rose up a few notches. I could now 4x4 along the back- woods with my friends in their CJ5's. There are going to be some ongoing improvements in store for my ride, such as a body and lift kit. I've already got skid plates from Suzuki. There will also be a removable hard top, and a 3" chromed bull bar in the front, replacing the Suzuki-optioned front brush bar. A set of 3" nerf bars 'round the sides of the Sidekick will pretty much complete the look of my ride.

For performance, I'll probably add a set of chromed headers, and install a performance camshaft. Most of the performance mods will come from a cool manufacturer of SUZUKI products in California, known by enthusiasts as CALMINI. During the days of warm weather, I yank off my soft-top and replace it with a bikini top and matching duster cover made by BESTOP. In order to add a little more style to my customisation with the top down, I've installed an aftermarket 20-L.E.D. brake-light to the middle of the center roll bar. The look of my ride was pretty much complete. All I had left to do was the interior of the mini.

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