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The above picture is the japanese version of the new Escudo (Sidekick) which will make its debut in North America sometime in the fall of '98

For more on the Escudo, and text in Japanese only, visit Suzuki of Japan by clicking the above image

The new 3 door versions of the Sidekick will definitely look more muscular in real-life, than the photos would lead you to believe. All in all, its a nice looking evolution for the upcoming vehicle.

The 5 door version of the upcoming Sidekick will look more classy and much cleaner than the original models.

For safety measures, the new Sidekicks will have a built-in crumple zone, which will protect the occupants better in head-on collisions.

As you can see, the Sidekicks will still be built with a sturdy ladder frame. This is good news for all you 4x4 off-roading fans.

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